To become green get mixed with nature... 

 Reach for the infinity of the blue sky and the key to the top will come right away in your hand..

 But..don't forget, you've got to be grounded so you can set the armature's you need to build Your Eiffel..

Nature is the one from who we take our homes for rent...the Small ones and the Big ones... 

The  River  Vardar  throught  the  canyon.. 

Mountain view of the river.. 

A sign?!..Or just another piece of Nature...Who knows?.. 

 Убавините на природата..

Поглед кон клисурата 

You can't ride my little red vagon... 

 Get ready..your Train is coming..

Sometimes even dogs stop by to get themselfs impressеd and fell the beauty of the Iron Gate... 


The meterological station 

На патот кон Клисура..

If only walks like this were free.. 

Our little park.. 

Living proof that friendship exists down here.. 

Sometimes nature's way is just have to find it!