L i f e   i s  a    l o n g    s o n g


Walking after midnight

Where streets have no name

I finally found someone

I fought the law

One love affair

Do I have to say the words?

All for love

Straight from the heart


Home again


Long gone

Home arrest

cuts like a knife

i think about you

If you want to leave me

Thought I’d die and go to heaven


Touch the hand

Native son

Into the fire


This time

Ain’t going to cry

Big girls don’t cry


Blame it on me

Never going to say I’m sorry

So many tears

Tired of being sorry

Just for the record

Not guilty


Wheels of fortune

The best was yet to come

If you find yourself caught in love

The man who can't be moved


Have you really ever loved a woman?


Living in the past

Living in a world without you

How can i live?


Scatting away on thin ice of the new day

The end where i begin


One more time

Left outside alone

Paid my dues

Me against the world

It’s my life

Only the strong survive

Depend on me



When all is said and done

Don’t tell me

Hometown glory



As long as you love me

Angel in the night

Every time we touch

Keeps getting better

Myself and I

Whole again

Picture perfect


After you

Every time




Me against the music

Sword fight

Don’t drop that bomb on me

Get up

Genie in the bottle…


Hello space boy

Let’s dance

It takes two

Absolute beginners

Be faithful

Jump they say

Dancing in the street

Keep your head up

Day and day out

Let’s get loud


The day before you came

I do, I do, and I do,

Here without you


I saw your dancing

We like the disco sound

I got it from my mama

Unchained melody


Turn me on rmx

Stand by me

Turn off the light

Sign your name

To love a woman

What a feeling

Summer wine

Summer night

Summer of love

Tango in Harlem

Ticket to ride

To the moon and back

Till the end

Oh la la


Come with me

Only you

Here I am

Take my breath away

Want to know what love is

The hidden power

True love



Take me to the clouds above

Where the wild roses grow

Let the sunshine in

I Like It

It’s the way you make me feel



If you hit that…

 My heart

That’s what you get

Take that


Dark beat vs. French kiss

Like you'll never see me again

Plastic Dreams, Life for Rent,

Set me free

Real things updated, true colors

Wash my world

   An end has a start

   I want your soul

       Take me away at night

    Direction paradise



That’s what I’m going to wish for

From the bottle of my heart

In my own little world

Which is the bottle of my soul too?


Now Dragons are united

My wish is going to be real

But will you still be in that dream come true

I do not guarantee

Because the beginning is finding someone

You can live with

Maybe you belong here,

And then if the chosen one becomes the one you can’t live without

It means that the something called unconditional real love: begins

And for that you should be present

Not escaping of the reality

And of giving answers

And this is where I know you aren’t present


Do you know where you are going to?


Wherever you go

Your train has arrived and has gone too

It’s up to you will you catch it on time

And how longer you delay

That harder it will be for you to get to me again

And when the train will arrive at another station

Then it may be too late for you

Maybe another passenger in my life 

Will catch your place

And even if you come with another train

It may never be the same

And I will maybe already have forgotten your name

And I will see you next to never.



If you swear to come back

Goodbye my lover

Until we meet again

With love

My immortal




Whatever tomorrow brings

It will be delivered to me

That’s what I’m going to live with


But I’m always looking for something new

And I’m always connecting it with something old

To create something more like me

It’s the thee


You see

My life will still be flowing

I will still fly

Light will still lightening me

I will still shine

Shinning will still reflect

And collect light for my heart and soul

To lighten me in one bow

So I can go and grow

Updating my life… Again and again…


I don’t want to fight

I’m tired of being sad

Tired of watching my heart dying

From one day to another


It’s time for me to

Awake myself

To become my own phoenix

And continue to live.


Reminder… I’m a peacemaker

So when love takes over

I get the restless heart syndrome

Empire state of mind

Can’t stop me now

You can keep trying

And keep going on and on,

Even take me into the famous

 Emergency room.


What a feeling

Like the deserts miss the rain

Sweet disposition

24 hours
another way to dye


Got myself high

Midnight madness

Only one

Wicked game

 I get knocked down

For fun

Wordy raping hood

Wonder wall built by me





It’s easy for you to leave me

You give love a bad name

And I’m here without you

We take separate ways

But I don’t want to miss a thing

I wish I didn’t

Counting down the days

They lie me that time

Heals everything

Suspicious minds


And when you come

Killing me softly

You give me back my smile

I can’t help myself



My sacrifice

Should I do it or not?

Am I strong enough

To live without you?


Lucky you

Please forgive me

I can’t stop loving you…

…Can I?


My heart with a frozen surrounding

The ice will froze the hot

Or the hot will hit the ice?


Either way

Enthusiasm better be

Waked up on time

Before apathy is reincarnated.


New days wait in front my door

Sun waits me every morning

Moon looks after my stars

At night

And when leave, let me be

Her star of the day,

Ready to shine

With the invisible lights.


Feel the touch

Of the cold breezing


in the early morning,

Let it steal your breath

Fight for new, a deep one.


Reunite your good thoughts

Call your destiny

And make an appointment

At the life entertainer…


And dance with him

Move with him

Laugh with him

Live life to its fullest


Eat your piece of cake,

Sit on your favorite place,

Hung on with your best friend,

Listen the music best relaxes you,

Dream your sweetest dream

You can ever imagine,

Say the words


Fill your heart to maximum,

Run as fast as you can

Reunite your forces

Give the best of yourself

Hug though and warmly

Smile wide and cute

Cry as the worst has already happened,

Then be happy as it if you know

It will never happen again.

Sing the song that’s deep down

 In your heart,

Learn as if you will never get

Another chance to learn,

Sleep enough to recharge

 Yourself with energy

Prepare joyfully for

Every single new day

Put a natural mask

On your face

To make it beautiful…


Then take a rest

With the best

Add –ing to interest

And you get interesting



Isn’t that sort of dream come true?

It makes you happy

Your soul can feel it

Your body wants to hold it:

The feeling

Yet it’s not enough…


What’s missing?


You tend to be miss independent

But you still miss someone…

Someone who?

Just someone somewhere


No faith, no trust!



Damn I hate history!!!


It’s full with memories

Memories about someone’s steps

Steps you have to follow

In order to meet your alter ego.


Is there another way?


Time goes by by itself

And the present takes the past

With itself when it goes

For a visit to the future.


So how can you

Possibly  write  down

 your wishes


Make them part of the


Which you will retell

Your nephews

When there is no guaranty of

Happy ending?


Only a rhetorical question


New mystery waiting to reveal her secret?



Just before the end

Of that Romeo-Juliet


When you are taken

By the touch of romance

You start to understand

The connections.

You evaluate them

And decide whether

Stay in Casanova’s embrace

Or continue your life without him.


And  while you are busy thinking of it

The circle starts to spin

Now, when you have to decide.

It doubles your insecurity

Things that you’ve given up

Come right away in your hands,

they want to be yours again…

Should second chance be given?

And what’s for?


Work it out

Figure it out


Or just GET IT!!!


Reach for,

fight for,

be there for,

ask for,

then take it and keep it!



It’s hard in life:

 when you’re not asked

But you know you have to go.

When you smile

while you don’t feel the joy.

When you have to decide

To give up of somebody

For good...That ghost

 Who wants to be free…?


So where are your three wishes?

Oh, you have them thousand

But genies take you for granted…


That’s why

You start asking your self:

What was that  thing called love?

Does love erase your name and

Does she leave big holes

In points of time?

Can she be as pure as the first time

You’ve holded your hands and gave

 Love promises

After it is flavored with lies?

 Is she real? Can she be?


Can the touch of his hand

The taste of his lips

The voice of his words

And the tricks of his mind

Still seduce your ice-heart statue?


It’s like trying to heal somebody

Who is barely alive

And Make him dance

While he fight to make

just one more step…


Love is like a gentle plant

You’ve got to give her

Her Everyday attention

Without forgetting about her

Because even one cold wind

Can break her weak body

And swallow her soul…


Only one thing is good about plants

They can be very elastic sometimes!

And in mean while?

And what about those who aren’t?


They are left on the destiny or what?

Who will be the brave one

Taking the great responsibility to

Watch them over and over

Every time they need to be cared about?


Will that be the boy

Afraid to make the first step

Or the lonely guy?

Maybe the one that had left

Long time ago…

may that be the child

Who stole the first kiss?  

And is it in game the adventurous?

Or the solution to this equation  is X?

Who would be X?

Someone containing all their


 or the quite opposite?

Or that new land will be on sight?


Well one thing is sure:

The  Black  houl

Always waiting for your  oversight…

And you?

You are still the slut

Or the tatterdemalion…


And last but not least

Take a guitar

Feel it

Feel the world

World on a string

           Broken strings

            Life is a long song

            Song of the century

  Century breakdown...


                  To be continued…???

                 Hell yeah!
             Just wait for it.


                                                                                                                                                                                                     By Rizova Monika

                                                                                                                                                                                                     With love

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Straight from the heart